Located north of Fort Worth, our small hobby farm is in Rhome, Texas. With just two miniature cows and two goats, we came here with a dream to raise cows trained on the leash and willing to receive pettings, baths, and brushes. Our animals are raised to be docile, friendly, and free to live out a happy life.
            After spending a little time with our cows, we realized that not only are they sweet and curious, but they also have a calming effect on the soul that you can’t find in any other animal. Simply being around our cows reminds you to slow down to take in the beauty of a field, a flower, a sunset. This calm and refreshing relationship is needed in this hectic fast-paced world. This only reinforced our interest in raising cows as family pets, rather than a human food source destined for slaughter.
            Other than our cows and goats, we also are a rabbitry. In pursuit of harvesting my own wool as a fiber artist, I adopted two beautiful angora bucks and fell in love! Now, we have a rabbitry with angoras and lops. They are suited for pets, fiber pets, and show animals. Like our cows and goats, they receive daily attention, exercise, cuddle and grooming time. Our intention is to give all our animals a good, happy, and full life, until they become members of your family.
            If you are a like-minded person looking for a special pet that will bring you as much peace and joy as you can bring them, then you came to the right farm!
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